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The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay 2022

The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay

2022 (Role: Teddy) Disney Channel

Feature Film | 1h 25m | Family | Drama


15 year old Quinn Perkins is ecstatic to be spending the summer working as an intern with her best friend Daniella and marine biologist father Charlie. Quinn is thrilled to be researching the reef’s unnatural shift in biodiversity, but things feel different between herself and Daniella and it’s not long before Quinn agrees to join adventurer wannabe Teddy on a treasure hunt as a distraction. Mysterious events start to occur and the teens assume they are being haunted by local legend Every Fallow. After receiving Everly’s journal from his daughter, the teens discover a treasure map and must work to uncover the truth about the mysterious Everly Fallow and what, or who, is responsible for the problems on the reef.

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