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NALUDA MAGAZINE Interview with “The Curious case of Dolphin Bay” actor Jayden McGinlay

Check out our interview with Australian actor and musician Jayden McGinlay who can be seen as “Teddy”, in the new Disney movie “The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay.”

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Jayden McGinlay on ‘The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay’, Acting and Life

Interview with Jayden McGinlay on Let’s Dive In

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Jayden McGinlay talks about his new movie ‘The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay’ on Disney Channel

Jayden McGinlay recently joined Elias in the Cave! Jayden stars as “Teddy” in the movie ‘The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay’ which premiered on the Disney Channel on June 11th.

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AUTHORITY MAGAZINE Rising Star Actor Jayden McGinlay On The Five Things You Need To Shine In The Entertainment Industry

As a part of our series about pop culture’s rising stars, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Jayden McGinlay.

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The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay- First Look | Disney Channel Movie

Jayden McGinlay shares the premise of the movie, discusses his character “Teddy” in the movie and why this is a must watch movie of the summer!

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Get to know Australian actor, Jayden McGinlay! The talented star has a role in The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay, out June 11 on the Disney Channel.

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‘Thanks for Coming In’ Podcast- Jayden McGinlay

Jayden McGinlay talks his new Disney Channel movie “The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay”, filming during the 2020 lockdown, and that time everything that could possibly go wrong for an audition – did!

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NEW YORK POST Jayden McGinlay “What I’m Watching”

Australian actor Jayden McGinlay shares which TV shows he’s currently hooked on.

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‘Let Me Talk’ Podcast With Ella Proberts and Jayden McGinlay Hosted by Zoe Markos


Ella and Jayden are both Australian Entertainers. In this episode, we discuss their journeys and what lead them to where they are today…

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Flicks – Australian Netflix thriller Sweet River distinguishes itself in a crowded genre

A grieving mother comes to a small town looking for closure but finds…

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Christine Luby’s ‘The Mystery of Dolphin Bay’ leaves clues in South East Queensland

Director Christine Luby is swapping out Crystal Bay Penguin Sanctuary for Dolphin Bay for her third production with the Steve Jaggi Company, currently underway in South East Queensland…

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Cinema Australia – The Mystery of Dolphin Bay filming in South East Queensland

Filming has commenced on the latest feature film aimed at tweens from The Steve Jaggi Company, The Mystery of Dolphin Bay…

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